11 November 2012


Today I went pine cone hunting in our local park so I can make some Christmas decorations! Safe to say wearing cream suede wedge trainers was not a good idea, oh well! We also got followed by two squirrels, they must have though we had food for them, needless to say I ran away. I think anyone would if you'd had one run up your leg before. They're so tame they just come right up to you!
Anyway....my clothing
I got my sequin jacket from Missguided on Saturday morning, been waiting to buy this bad boy for weeks since the lovely Millie Macintosh was wearing it!! I LOOOVEEE it, a little girl even told her mum I was sparkly! Get in. They've still got some in stock - http://www.missguided.co.uk/seqtea-dark-khaki-sequin-sleeve-jacket

My jeans are H&M wax coated ones, a winter staple. Wedge trainers are Matalan and scarf is Primark.
All you need in winter is a good pair of jeans and a nice coat...underneath I have the oldest (but warmest) cardi with random buttons missing...who'd know though!?

Just got to wait for pine cones to dry now so I can get creative!!

Lauren :) x
P.S. This is my stalker....he was also a poser.

10 November 2012

Back Track

I ordered this dress last weekend when I was ordering Jamie (the bf) his new wardrobe. I love it but it's slightly too big on the waist and for £50 I'd rather buy a perfect dress that fits! Click here to get yourself one!
My Lana's had their first outing last weekend since I haven't been out for a while, and it was Halloween so they didn't get a proper night out.

Today me and my friend Katie went to a local garden centre to scout out Christmas decorations! We go a little too excited about baubles and lights but I did decide that tomorrow I'm going pine cone hunting and making my own decorations....wish me luck.

Lauren :) x

28 October 2012

I knew you were trouble when you walked in...

New shoes!! And I love them, Matalan too, who's have thought!
Leather Jacket - Muu:Baa, Jumper - Primark, Trousers - AA Disco Pants, Wedge Trainers - Matalan
Today I nipped into town and then did a big shop in Morrisons....fun. I am going out for tea tonight though for my dads birthday! Yum.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Lauren :) x

27 October 2012

Sweet Nothing

Today I went to a vintage fair on town with my friend....I bought a floppy purple hat, a turquoise ring and best of all, a vintage Moschino dress....velvet too! Such a classic!

Its been awful weather recently, heavy hail stones and whistling wind. So today I wrapped up....
Hat - New Look, Fur Coat - Vintage, eBay, Jeans - Topshop, Boots - Shellys London

Lauren :) x

26 October 2012

Winter Warmers...

I love winter...but as I'm currently working 8:30am - 6pm everyday I never see much daylight. And on weekends I'm too tired/skint to actually do anything interesting, hence the reason I haven't posted for a while. Either there's no decent light or I'm wearing PJs!

Today I wore....
Jumper - Primark, Shirt - GAP, Necklace - Topshop
That's all your getting since its awful lighting, I've been up since 7:30am and I have a spot the size of Mt Everest on my chin.

Anyway, I might as well post what I've been buying recently, any maybe I'll wear it one day soon. Winter warmers....I think not, I originally bought these to send one back (I nearly bought 4) but I like them both...any being £300 over drawn isn't that bad, is it? I have payed the mortgage this month!

Missguided posted these aztec dresses and skirts a while ago on their Instagram and I fell in love....maybe because they're a little All Saints but also because they're amazing. From that day on I had missguided.co.uk open on my phone and I would check everyday to see if they were on yet. I knew they'd be a sell out so I had to be quick! And too my luck, I got them! Took me a while to decide but I settled for these two.
They're my party season dresses, I ordered a nice floaty black top too...which incidentally was on another Instagram photo of theirs with the skirt and some Lita style boots. Happened to have the outfit totally by accident!

Hope everyone is excited for Halloween! We're dressing on on Friday at work, will be very interesting, an office full of zombies, witches and ghosts! I'm also going to a party next Saturday as a ventriloquist doll....freaky!!
I might even post my pumpkin carving and scary outfit....

Lauren :) x

12 October 2012

Love a Primark Jumper

Jumper - Primark, Skirt - River Island, Bag - Mulberry
This is what I wore to a meal at Ask....my Primark jumper, again, I live in it. Any baggy jumper is fine by me! It's getting so dark now so it's hard to get photos unless it's daytime, and as I work I don't get home till 6 it's pretty much dark!
Has anyone else been watching The Valleys on MTV? I'm currently watching Tuesdays episode, I love it! On a slightly different note...MIC starts again on Monday, so excited!!!
I have also just spent £100 on Missguided....oops. Can't wait to get my stuff though! Well worth it!!

Apologies for the blurry photos..

Lauren x :)

24 September 2012

Colds Creeping In

Jacket - H&M, Fur collar - ASOS, Jeans - Topshop, Boots - Topshop,
Necklace - Forever 21, Bag - Mulberry (last image)

I wore this outfit to my boyfriends, sisters birthday meal. We went to a local Italian restaurant, I'm wearing a leatherette top under my clothes....it was on eBay while I wore it, I've only worn it once so though I might as well wear it once more before it sells! Which it now has and it's going to Brazil!
It starting to get cold now, I had to roll down my jeans to walk home!
I also had to carry that silly balloon to the restaurant and got a few funny look as well as being asked by some child on the street if it was my birthday...no, no its not. I wish!

Lauren :) x 

16 September 2012

Goodbye Summer

Dress - American Apparel
Necklace - Nasty Gal, Earrings - eBay
Lauren :) x

15 September 2012

Truck Stop

Jumper - Primark, Jeans - Topshop, Boots - River Island, Necklace - Primark
Today I went with my boyfriend to buy a fish, we didn't get a fish because they had sold out of bowls? Great. But we did stop off at a roadside truck stop café for a bacon and egg sarni and a cuppa! Yum.
I wore a jumper in the morning and had to change into my Missguided chiffon shirt with my One Teaspoon bikini underneath. It was so hot!
I also picked up my House of Fraser vouchers! I'm going to have to save them till I go to House of Fraser now!!

Lauren :) x

P.S. My nose looks huuuge in my close up photo...stupid shadows.

13 September 2012

Autumn Shopping Trip #1

So here's what I bought in Leeds....
My aim of the day was baggy jumpers and a nice pair of jeans...I did get the jeans I just don't know where I've put them.
I was pretty pleased with my purchases, I did have about double this in my basket but as I always do, I reviewed my basket and removed the items I didn't want/wouldn't wear and was only buying because they were cheap. Standard Primark.
The bag was my best buy, or maybe the jumpers? The bag is limited edition and it was the last one! £8 is pretty good too for a nice clutch - something I don't actually have (in black anyway).
The jumpers I bought in a size 10 and 14, I wanted super baggy loose ones.
My jeans are Jamie jeans from Topshop - I forgot how nice they were! All my jeans are patterned or bleached so there's no stretch or movement. And my favourite skinny jeans ripped across the bum :(
I tried on 3 pairs of jeans, Leigh, Jamie and ermm...some others. The other two were more like jeggings, Jamie's were soooo much thicker and nicer and for £40 pretty decent, since the other were £38!!
The dress is for work - really thick and nice fit too, even the free belt is nice! £10 bargain!
I also bought some amazing tights which are like, lined in fluffy stuff! They're amazing. Bough a couple of bits for my house too! A cushion, a boat thing and a heart!

Now I've got another £200 to spend and tell you about!...

Lauren x :)

12 September 2012

Jamie's Italian

So last Saturday me and two friends had a day trip to Leeds, since it's our closest Primark! I sent too much money, as usual.
We ended up going to Jamie's Italian for lunch, I didn't even know there was one in Leeds we just happened to walk past. I'd heard it was amazing from a few people since a new one recently opened in York, I'd been dying to go for a while now.
It defiantly lived up to my expectations! Me and Katie had the special of prawn linguine and David had Ravioli.
We also shared a bottle of pink fizz, for no reason except it was a lovely hot day and we got the train especially so we could have a drink!
Here's our lunch in photos....

I would recommend everyone goes to their nearest Jamie's Italian!!

I found out tonight I won the £200 House of Fraser vouchers! I didn't believe the email at first I read it 3 times and still checked their blog before I believed it! I'm so excited, my 1st blog competition win!
Well done to the runners up too Apple Toothpaste, Gee Horsfield and Helen Hearts!!

I'll post my Leeds outfit and purchases in the next few days...

Lauren :) x