29 January 2012

Red Lips and Chains

Studded Sunday...

  I'm not really a colour person, as you can tell.. It's something I always wish I was but I tend to stick to blacks, browns and darker shades of colour. Although in this post I do have a splash of colour in my shoes! Which I love....I have only worn these once before I usually struggle to find something to wear them with, I actually have an outfit in mind for their next outing....and it involves my Disco Pants!!
 Studded Levi's, American Flag Lita - JC's, Body Chain - Miss Selfridge, Jumper H&M.
(excuse the dog poop, my dogs are old so poo more regularly and this was before poo patrol!)

   I made the shorts my self by cutting up and old pair of jeans from a charity shop and individually screwing on the studs...and as I leave everything till last minute I ended up doing this at my friends house in my pants while drinking before a night out! Still I'm pretty impressed with how they turned out since they're selling for eBay for about £60 and mine cost around £10!
   Talking of charity shops I've got to mention my bargain buy and excellent money making i did this week...a faux fur jacket in a charity shop window = £10, stuck it on eBay at a starting bid of £20 (only reason I bought it since I have a real fur jacket) got £49 for it!! I was so impressed with myself, no one even bid till the last 7 minutes either! thought it wasn't going to sell, turns out my two watchers had a bidding war. I do love a big of eBay, made a total of £150 this week!!

One last thing... keep an eye out for changes in my photos, me and  Jade are planning on taking each others photos from now on...so less self timer weirdness and more normal photos in various interesting places...

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27 January 2012

Outfit 1.

Outfit Post No.1 - horrible rainy cold January day!

I absolutely love my Muu:baa leather jacket, I lost my old leather jacket in the airport and this was my replacement...at £55 it was a STEAL and can make any outfit look good...
Muubaa lambs leather jacket, inlovewithfashion skirt, Topshop Psychic boots, Mulberry Bayswater Buffalo. 

I own this skirt in two colours and the dress, my others are more summer colours but I love them (I also want the black and snake skin but that's taking it too far). They look good day or night, heels, boots, sandals...teamed with thigh high socks and little heeled boots it makes a practical but stylish winter outfit! Available at Topshop or inlovewithfashion.com

I Dutch plaited my hair (copied from Petra K and Morven - beautiful girls) this was my 1st attempt so not the best but hopefully with practice it'll look as good a theirs do!

My friend has also started blogging a few months ago so check out her blog..... especially the style icon Fearne Cotton post....Jade - Hurricane Drunk

Hope everyone's having a good day!
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26 January 2012

New York. New York

SO my 1st post got deleted somehow so I have to re-type it...Nightmare.

For my 1st post I'm writing about my favourite place...New York, New York.
   Last July I went to New York for the 3rd time with my family. I've previously only been at Christmas time so it was nice to go in summer (although New York at Christmas is laaavley). 1st on my list of priorities was shopping!! Fifth Avenue and Soho were my 1st stops... I loved Soho with its quirky street stalks of jewellery and little boutiques, the streets were just full of people from all walks of life and super fashionable girls who looked like they'd fallen out of a fashion mag!
   My favourite store in the big apple is a shop called LF Stores, there are two shops, one on Fifth and one in Soho. I personally preferred the Fifth Avenue store, whether it was the fact it was the first one I went in or because it was smaller and just seemed more personal. The staff were all lovely and chatty and dressed oh so well, all a bit different but all showcasing the clothes very well! The store sells everything from vintage cut of Levis, vintage shirts, floaty dresses and heels to rival the skyscrapers outside, which was why I discovered LF Stores in the 1st place...my search for Jeffery Campbells! The clothes and shoes were randomly placed in a messy but organised kind of way on old looking wooden selves and on the floor, with rails around the side of the shop bursting with floral, chiffon skirts and dresses... it was hard to not want to buy everything.
   To my dismay I didn't actually come away with a pair of JC's as they didn't have my size in either stores...I did however buy a beautiful pair of MIA Limited Edition banana heel platforms, at $230 they're not the cheapest shoes I've ever bought but they are defiantly and investment...and its not like I can pop back another time to buy them! And here they are...
MIA Limited Edition Coliseum Platforms $230

I think that's it for now...I have a Lookbook account so I'll post some looks from there and I'm sure you'll hear more about New York at some point too!!

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