27 January 2012

Outfit 1.

Outfit Post No.1 - horrible rainy cold January day!

I absolutely love my Muu:baa leather jacket, I lost my old leather jacket in the airport and this was my replacement...at £55 it was a STEAL and can make any outfit look good...
Muubaa lambs leather jacket, inlovewithfashion skirt, Topshop Psychic boots, Mulberry Bayswater Buffalo. 

I own this skirt in two colours and the dress, my others are more summer colours but I love them (I also want the black and snake skin but that's taking it too far). They look good day or night, heels, boots, sandals...teamed with thigh high socks and little heeled boots it makes a practical but stylish winter outfit! Available at Topshop or inlovewithfashion.com

I Dutch plaited my hair (copied from Petra K and Morven - beautiful girls) this was my 1st attempt so not the best but hopefully with practice it'll look as good a theirs do!

My friend has also started blogging a few months ago so check out her blog..... especially the style icon Fearne Cotton post....Jade - Hurricane Drunk

Hope everyone's having a good day!
Thanks for reading

Lauren :) x


  1. that jacket is gorgeous! love the whole look. you look amazing. check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like. :)


  2. Thanks!! I'm following, love your shoe collection...gutted I missed out on the Versace dress!