29 January 2012

Red Lips and Chains

Studded Sunday...

  I'm not really a colour person, as you can tell.. It's something I always wish I was but I tend to stick to blacks, browns and darker shades of colour. Although in this post I do have a splash of colour in my shoes! Which I love....I have only worn these once before I usually struggle to find something to wear them with, I actually have an outfit in mind for their next outing....and it involves my Disco Pants!!
 Studded Levi's, American Flag Lita - JC's, Body Chain - Miss Selfridge, Jumper H&M.
(excuse the dog poop, my dogs are old so poo more regularly and this was before poo patrol!)

   I made the shorts my self by cutting up and old pair of jeans from a charity shop and individually screwing on the studs...and as I leave everything till last minute I ended up doing this at my friends house in my pants while drinking before a night out! Still I'm pretty impressed with how they turned out since they're selling for eBay for about £60 and mine cost around £10!
   Talking of charity shops I've got to mention my bargain buy and excellent money making i did this week...a faux fur jacket in a charity shop window = £10, stuck it on eBay at a starting bid of £20 (only reason I bought it since I have a real fur jacket) got £49 for it!! I was so impressed with myself, no one even bid till the last 7 minutes either! thought it wasn't going to sell, turns out my two watchers had a bidding war. I do love a big of eBay, made a total of £150 this week!!

One last thing... keep an eye out for changes in my photos, me and  Jade are planning on taking each others photos from now on...so less self timer weirdness and more normal photos in various interesting places...

As always,
Thanks For Reading
Lauren :) x