28 February 2012

My Days Off...

Here's a photo story from my days off..
Perry the cat, tea pot at lunch, my burger, amazing coleslaw, amazing chips, victoria sponge, my rings, cute little shop, sleepy dogs, paint for the table, painting walls, woken up dogs, blogging tools, my fave bag, lookbook.

I went for lunch with my mum to Eat Me, which is amazing, a firm favourite with me and my friends. The menu changes everyweek, which is nice, but It's only small so on evening you have to book well in advance!
I had a burger, followed by a super soft Victoria sponge which we shared, I didn't have any tea from the tea pot since I've given it up for lent, this is a veeerrry bad idea!! I'm pretty sure giving up tea is just as hard as giving up smoking! Not that I've ever smoked.
Today I spent my day painting ceilings - which isn't good for the eyes!

Lauren :) x

27 February 2012


Today I went for Lunch with my mum since she's just got back from Prague! It was pretty windy and cold today, typical since it was lovely and sunny on Sunday...when I was at work....Oh and in case you wondered....our chickens also thought they'd get involved in this one!!
Jacket - Zara, Scarf- Moschino, Jeans - Zara. 
Our Chickens! 

And yes, my fly is down...the zip is broken!

Lauren :) x

P.S check out my friends art blog from her work at Uni! Alex Hd

26 February 2012

Outfit Post

This week has been a pretty boring one, after Leeds I've basically done nothing apart from work, paint my new house and plumb in radiators. Oh and I got my new iPhone 4s on Tuesday, FINALLY!
My Mum's away in Prague with my camera so I've had no camera for a week, apart from my standard one but its to much effort to do looks with that!! She's back late tonight and I'm off for two days in a row now so I'll have a few outfits to photograph and I'll post a few of her Prague photos too!

In the mean time here's an outfit I took just before she went...
Necklace - Forever 21, Watch - ASOS, Tape Ring - Galibardy.co.uk
Jacket - Levis Vintage, Bra Top - ASOS, Disco Pants - American Apparel, Heels - Kurt Geiger.

I've made some pretty cool glasses I need to show you too....
Thanks For Reading
Lauren x :)

23 February 2012

Leeds Leeds Leeds

As I mentioned before me and my friends went to Leeds on Friday for my friend Jess' birthday!

Heres our night in photos....
Group Shot.

Cake in bed!

Safe to say not all of us remembered the night until we saw the photos! My friends camera also had 'beauty mode' which did make us look super beautiful, think I need a new camera!!
We also tried a bit of chalking in our hair....worked quite well but my hairs so dark it didn't last long! I'll post about this later...

Less alcohol and more fashion next time...

Love Lauren x :)

19 February 2012

Outfit Post

On Thursday I appeared on Missguided's facebook and as a result, got the most views I've ever had on my blog, well I got more than I'd received since starting, all in one day!
Friday night me and my friends went to Leeds on the train for a well overdue night out! I wore my new Jones + Jones dress in my previous post with me New York shoes from my 1st ever post! Mine and Jade's plan for the following day shopping in Leeds was to shoot out outfits....this didn't happen, neither did any shopping on my part, because I was hanging!! And I have no money now all of my wages go on my mortgage and plaster board!
Anyway I'll post a few photos from Leeds in my next post, but for now here's one of my in my favourite cardi, and at £6 from a charity shop it was a steal!! It's so warm and thick and looks great chucked over anything, plus I'll never see anyone else with it, well maybe an old lady?
The look is pretty simple but I love it and its so slouchy and comfy! 
Cardigan - Charity Shop (British Heart Foundation), Bag - River Island, Shorts - Levis, Converse.

I looooove my belt, when I first got it I wore it to death but I haven't worn it in a while! As soon as its a bit warmer it will be on all my shorts!

Pancake day on Tuesday, I'm so excited!! Me and my friends are planning on eating till we're sick then watching Geordie Shore...a Tuesday night must!

Photos of cocktails and pancakes to follow....

Lauren :) x

16 February 2012

My entry into the LG 6 Motion Give us a Spin Competition

My entry into the LG 6 Motion Give us a Spin Competition
LG might have 6 motions but I had about 100 to get this....I feel sick!
Jones + Jones dress, Boots - Topshop, Hat - New Look.

My favourite other shots...

Jones + Jones dress, Boots - Topshop, Hat - New Look.

I liked this one but I had my camera on sports mode so the ISO was super high so the photo was so dark!! I edited it so I could actually see it! Same!

Lauren x :)

Wishbone Above Knuckle Ring

A few weeks ago I discovered Wired Jewellery, based in London, they do lovely handmade silver jewellery and they were the answer to something I've been searching for, for a long time....Above knuckle rings!
They have 7 different designs and 3 different sizes and range from £10 - £14, unfortunately the one I wanted was out of stock. But the owner (Faye Woodward) said she would email me once it was back in stock, EXCELLENT!
So last week I got my email and ordered it straight away, I chose the wishbone one, at £10 it was one of the cheapest, but by far the best :)
And here it is....
It came wrapped in black tissue paper with lovely little paper heart confetti. And this little business card with a personalised little a note....

 Looks amazing on!
Get yours at Wired Jewellery

Lauren x :)

13 February 2012

Snow More Snow

The snow has melted away now but this was my last outfit taken in our snowy few days, I'm having camera issues so my photos are very grainy at the moment, I need to get my self educated on my camera!!
Jumper - ASOS, Necklace - Springfield, Skirt - River Island, Brogues - Topshop, Bag - Vivienne Westwood.

Valentines Day tomorrow...sending my love to everyone!
Lauren xx :)

11 February 2012

Outfit Catch Up

I've been a bit busy lately...mainly eBaying, shopping, oh and painted my new house..but I've got a few outfits to catch up on..

Candy Canes

Shirt - H&M, Shirts - COW Vintage (Manchester), Necklace - Dorothy Perkins (c/o Jade), Boots - Topshop, Rings - Pia, Topshop, Forever 21, Silver Stall in York.

This Is What Makes Us Girls

Mac - Topshop, Jeans - Topshop, Fur Collar - ASOS, Heels - ASOS, Bayswater Bag - Mulberry.

9 February 2012

Nail Art

I've recently bought a nail pen and gone a but crazy on my nails....I'm getting better with practice but these are my 1st two attempts...
Aztec design....made it up as I went along, will defiantly be doing this one again now I know the best patterns...the right hand was not sooo successful but still looked OK? 

Dalmatian print...or Cow if you wish! haha. These were very easy! as you could probably guess.

I got the nail pen from Boots, its Models Own with a thin needle style nib and a thin brush (which I daren't use as I'm very clumsy and impatient) as boring and tedious as it looks it doesn't actually take that long and for what you get its worth it!!
There's loadsa cool designs on their website, (WAH-NAILS) I'd love to try a few but I cant find a white pen in Boots and some of them look a little tricky. 
I've also heard they have salons...worth a trip!!

It's snowing looooads here at the moment and its pretty thick, looks like my day off will be fun in the snow!!

Keep you posted,
Lauren :) x

6 February 2012

Candy, Lace and Broderie Anglaise

Trend Alert!
I'm loving broderie anglaise at the moment...seen in Louis Vuitton's S/S 2012 Ready To Wear collection and shown on the March covers of both VOGUE and ELLE (worn by Lana Del Rey and Alexa Chung). The over sized lacey collars, white shirts and pastel, candy coloured dressed, jackets and jumpers are a perfect combination for spring/summer, and I cant wait to try and re-create it myself...of course on a budget which wont stretch to Louis Vuitton I'm afraid!
Louis Vuitton Catwalk Images
My Favourites from the catwalk - I've got to say I'm not a huge fan of Kate Moss (I know shock horror) but I looove the dress.

ELLE UK March 2012 (subscribers cover) Worn with Louis Vuitton Jumper

British VOGUE March Cover - Lana also wear Louis Vuitton dress.

I searched high and low for a collar this style and managed to find one I liked on eBay, it needs stitching and some ribbon to tie it together but its the best I could find! No doubt we'll see some copies filtering down to the hight street in the near future! But in the mean time my vintage style cream one will have to do! Just need a nice pastel jumper or dress to wear it with, ideally a mint green or baby blue one like Alexa's!
Get your own on eBay...just search for broderie anglaise collar!

I ordered this about a week ago, just as my ELLE hit the door mat, I was on eBay. Then I saw VOGUE on a bread run to the shop yesterday and bought it immanently. I don't usually buy VOGUE unless someone I love is on the cover, or I'm going on a long journey. Mainly because I tend not to actually read them as I'm a pretty shit reader! I shouldn't admit it, but, I just like the pictures. ELLE however, I am subscribed to, and have been for nearly 3 years...sadly my boyfriend doesn't seem too keen on my having 3 years worth of fashion magazine on display in our new house! Boo! He'll have to get over it cause I'm defo not throwing those bad boys out!!

Once again, thanks for Reading
Lauren :) x

P.S anyone find any high street items inspired by Louis Vuitton....let me know!!

5 February 2012


So last night it snowed, and we got about 4 inches in places! I LOVE snow, although it meant I couldn't actually go to Leeds shopping, but it did mean I could go sledging with my boyfriend!!
Behind my house is an old quarry, which when I was younger was amazing for sledging, but they've now built some lodges on the best bits thus ruining our childish antics!! Finding a decent hill was near impossible, we did eventually find one which was ok...not great. After about an hour of sledging and general rolling around in the snow, we got a bit cold and wet and headed home. I also advise anyone needing wellies get neoprene hunters! They're sooo much warmer than normal ones, these are my step mums, mine are only the basic model, makes a huuuge difference!

And this is what I wore...
Great look - me on our old garden furniture in my sledging gear...North Face Jacket, Hunter Neoprene wellies, Fur Head Muff TKMAXX.

And this is what I wore afterwards....
Coney Fur Jacket - Vintage (eBay), Shirt - Romwe.com, Sequin Collar - H&M, Riding Boots - River Island

The snow is so beautiful so I headed back out for a quick trip with my camera. Here are my favourites....

Back to work tomorrow :( but I am off Thursday and Friday and I went to an amazing antiques place on Saturday, so might pop back with my camera this time!!

Thanks for Reading!
Lauren :) x

4 February 2012

Pork Pie...

Today's just a quick outfit post from the other day, it's snowing a lot tonight but I'm going to my friends for an Indian and a socialise, lets just hope it doesn't snow too much so we can still make it home!
Pork Pie Hat - Claire's (borrowed from Jade) Cable Knit Jumper & Suede Shorts - both Forever 21, Bag - River Island, Fringe Boots - Topshop

Pretty casual look but I'm trying out my colours, as I said before I usual don't wear much colour. My boots are so old but I love them I can't even thrown them away, they're a bit wrecked but still functional!!
Anyway, that's it today, did my nails in dalmatian print so I'll post a photo tomorrow probably, also going to Leeds tomorrow for 'house' shopping....not clothes :( 

Thanks for Reading,
Lauren x :)

1 February 2012

Rey Of Light

Lana Del Rey....(real name Elizabeth, Lizzie, Grant) 
Just a quick post today but it needs to be said,
I looooove Lana Del Rey, whether its her unusual beauty, unique and inspiring style or hauntingly wonderful voice I'm just fascinated with her! When I first heard Video Games on the radio before Christmas It just had something about it, haunting and yet still catchy, an indescribable feeling about it. I'm just downloading her album now and I can't wait to listen to the rest of her songs I'm sure its going to be goood, and according the the charts, its going to be...No.1 in 11 countries, WOOP!! I'm going on an hour and a half drive on Sunday so it defiantly going on the iPod for the journey!!
Lana looking effortlessly cool in cut of denim shorts and floral crop top

I can't stop listening to Born To Die and even better, it's on the sound system at work, just wish I could tell customers to shhhhh when it comes on, and seriously, I could watch the video over and over its so mesmerising!

'I write my own songs. I make my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It’s all authentic' - Lana Del Rey

Just a few stills from the video to refresh your memories...

Basics of the video are - her and her boyfriend...kissing...looking amazing....then fire....then blood. You HAVE to watch it, that's if your not one of the 16,000,000 views on VEVO already!!

Oh and I did not get the hype over her SNL performance, I thought she preformed well and just because she's a but more unusual to the standard pop star doesn't mean its bad and certainly doesn't deserve slagging her off!!

Anyway enough brown nosing Lana....I'll leave you with some more photos...1st of which is her leaving Radio 1 looking super stylish and simple in all black and a statement Leather!...

I love this cover, look at those lips! And her eye make up is to die for!

Thanks For Reading!

Lauren :) x

P.S I hear she likes to take her fans for dinner... so Lana, if your ever in Scarborough??