28 February 2012

My Days Off...

Here's a photo story from my days off..
Perry the cat, tea pot at lunch, my burger, amazing coleslaw, amazing chips, victoria sponge, my rings, cute little shop, sleepy dogs, paint for the table, painting walls, woken up dogs, blogging tools, my fave bag, lookbook.

I went for lunch with my mum to Eat Me, which is amazing, a firm favourite with me and my friends. The menu changes everyweek, which is nice, but It's only small so on evening you have to book well in advance!
I had a burger, followed by a super soft Victoria sponge which we shared, I didn't have any tea from the tea pot since I've given it up for lent, this is a veeerrry bad idea!! I'm pretty sure giving up tea is just as hard as giving up smoking! Not that I've ever smoked.
Today I spent my day painting ceilings - which isn't good for the eyes!

Lauren :) x

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