9 February 2012

Nail Art

I've recently bought a nail pen and gone a but crazy on my nails....I'm getting better with practice but these are my 1st two attempts...
Aztec design....made it up as I went along, will defiantly be doing this one again now I know the best patterns...the right hand was not sooo successful but still looked OK? 

Dalmatian print...or Cow if you wish! haha. These were very easy! as you could probably guess.

I got the nail pen from Boots, its Models Own with a thin needle style nib and a thin brush (which I daren't use as I'm very clumsy and impatient) as boring and tedious as it looks it doesn't actually take that long and for what you get its worth it!!
There's loadsa cool designs on their website, (WAH-NAILS) I'd love to try a few but I cant find a white pen in Boots and some of them look a little tricky. 
I've also heard they have salons...worth a trip!!

It's snowing looooads here at the moment and its pretty thick, looks like my day off will be fun in the snow!!

Keep you posted,
Lauren :) x


  1. Very nice pictures!
    fashonhypnotised girl

  2. great nails, hope to see more of that! love your thumb ring too!