4 February 2012

Pork Pie...

Today's just a quick outfit post from the other day, it's snowing a lot tonight but I'm going to my friends for an Indian and a socialise, lets just hope it doesn't snow too much so we can still make it home!
Pork Pie Hat - Claire's (borrowed from Jade) Cable Knit Jumper & Suede Shorts - both Forever 21, Bag - River Island, Fringe Boots - Topshop

Pretty casual look but I'm trying out my colours, as I said before I usual don't wear much colour. My boots are so old but I love them I can't even thrown them away, they're a bit wrecked but still functional!!
Anyway, that's it today, did my nails in dalmatian print so I'll post a photo tomorrow probably, also going to Leeds tomorrow for 'house' shopping....not clothes :( 

Thanks for Reading,
Lauren x :)

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