1 February 2012

Rey Of Light

Lana Del Rey....(real name Elizabeth, Lizzie, Grant) 
Just a quick post today but it needs to be said,
I looooove Lana Del Rey, whether its her unusual beauty, unique and inspiring style or hauntingly wonderful voice I'm just fascinated with her! When I first heard Video Games on the radio before Christmas It just had something about it, haunting and yet still catchy, an indescribable feeling about it. I'm just downloading her album now and I can't wait to listen to the rest of her songs I'm sure its going to be goood, and according the the charts, its going to be...No.1 in 11 countries, WOOP!! I'm going on an hour and a half drive on Sunday so it defiantly going on the iPod for the journey!!
Lana looking effortlessly cool in cut of denim shorts and floral crop top

I can't stop listening to Born To Die and even better, it's on the sound system at work, just wish I could tell customers to shhhhh when it comes on, and seriously, I could watch the video over and over its so mesmerising!

'I write my own songs. I make my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It’s all authentic' - Lana Del Rey

Just a few stills from the video to refresh your memories...

Basics of the video are - her and her boyfriend...kissing...looking amazing....then fire....then blood. You HAVE to watch it, that's if your not one of the 16,000,000 views on VEVO already!!

Oh and I did not get the hype over her SNL performance, I thought she preformed well and just because she's a but more unusual to the standard pop star doesn't mean its bad and certainly doesn't deserve slagging her off!!

Anyway enough brown nosing Lana....I'll leave you with some more photos...1st of which is her leaving Radio 1 looking super stylish and simple in all black and a statement Leather!...

I love this cover, look at those lips! And her eye make up is to die for!

Thanks For Reading!

Lauren :) x

P.S I hear she likes to take her fans for dinner... so Lana, if your ever in Scarborough??

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