5 February 2012


So last night it snowed, and we got about 4 inches in places! I LOVE snow, although it meant I couldn't actually go to Leeds shopping, but it did mean I could go sledging with my boyfriend!!
Behind my house is an old quarry, which when I was younger was amazing for sledging, but they've now built some lodges on the best bits thus ruining our childish antics!! Finding a decent hill was near impossible, we did eventually find one which was ok...not great. After about an hour of sledging and general rolling around in the snow, we got a bit cold and wet and headed home. I also advise anyone needing wellies get neoprene hunters! They're sooo much warmer than normal ones, these are my step mums, mine are only the basic model, makes a huuuge difference!

And this is what I wore...
Great look - me on our old garden furniture in my sledging gear...North Face Jacket, Hunter Neoprene wellies, Fur Head Muff TKMAXX.

And this is what I wore afterwards....
Coney Fur Jacket - Vintage (eBay), Shirt - Romwe.com, Sequin Collar - H&M, Riding Boots - River Island

The snow is so beautiful so I headed back out for a quick trip with my camera. Here are my favourites....

Back to work tomorrow :( but I am off Thursday and Friday and I went to an amazing antiques place on Saturday, so might pop back with my camera this time!!

Thanks for Reading!
Lauren :) x

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