16 February 2012

Wishbone Above Knuckle Ring

A few weeks ago I discovered Wired Jewellery, based in London, they do lovely handmade silver jewellery and they were the answer to something I've been searching for, for a long time....Above knuckle rings!
They have 7 different designs and 3 different sizes and range from £10 - £14, unfortunately the one I wanted was out of stock. But the owner (Faye Woodward) said she would email me once it was back in stock, EXCELLENT!
So last week I got my email and ordered it straight away, I chose the wishbone one, at £10 it was one of the cheapest, but by far the best :)
And here it is....
It came wrapped in black tissue paper with lovely little paper heart confetti. And this little business card with a personalised little a note....

 Looks amazing on!
Get yours at Wired Jewellery

Lauren x :)


  1. had a read of your blog,adore it! your nails in the pic above are so pretty! X X

  2. Your nails are stunning, I wish I could do nail art like these!
    The ring is super cute too :)


  3. I just stumbled to your blog from googling above knuckle rings. Love it, and I'm really excited to see more :) Following! xxx

  4. do you know if they ship to the u.s

  5. I love this ring! I have been looking for some for agggges!


  6. I just stumbled upon your blog whilst looking for this exact kind of ring, love it! Now I know where to order one so thanks! And your nail art and blog are fab!