27 March 2012

Flowers DIY

Today I went to my friends and sat in the sun allllll day, and my arms even got a tad burnt! We did a few hair braids and had a smashing BBQ! On the way home I had an impromptu stop at Boyes to buy flowers to make a headband, I wanted huge ones really, but they only had these small ones. I though for my 1st go I'd settle for those and next time I'll search further a field for larger ones, like roses or something.

Anyways here's how it's done....
What I used...
Cut the flowers so they can be separated into singles
Wrap the wire around the headband
Keep going and start to twist the extra wire to each other
Cut off the excess wire - be careful not to leave it sharp as it pokes your head!
Nearly there....
Neaten up all the ends!

Lauren :) x

26 March 2012

Lemon Yellow

Sunshine on my Sunday Hangover...went for another walk down the beach with Jamie today and then for a BBQ! Which I spent wrapped in a blanket since once the sun's gone in its pretty nippy!
Jumper - Charity Shop, Jeans - Topshop, Sandals - Topshop

Lauren :) x

22 March 2012

English Seaside

Today me and my friends went for a walk in the beautiful spring sun... luckily for us we live by the beach!! Most of our days in summer are spent deciding what to do and eventually going for a walk down the beach, and since we have two, we can take our pick!
South Side
This is the south side, we then went for lunch on the north side in a bar called Blue Crush (I also had lunch there yesterday - regular!). If it was a few degrees warmer and you took out the typically English open top buses we could have been abroad. The bar has a curved glass front overlooking the castle and bay and in summer, or on warmer days like today, they open the ground floor so it's like being outside! They do have an outside but there was a slight chill in the wind so not quite ready for that yet - although some people braved it! 

We also had a quick trip to one of our favourite charity shops! I went to look for crochet doilies to make an amazing lampshade I saw whilst playing on StumbleUpon! Needles to say they didn't have any, but I did get three things for £3! Two shirts and a lemon yellow jumper! I'm sure you'll spot them in a post soon! They'r currently in the wash getting rid of that 'charity shop smell'.
Anyway....here's my outfit for the day,
Cool British Mini!
Jeans - Topshop, Crop & Blazer - Forever 21, Bag - Mulberry Roxanne, Hat - New Look
Lauren x :)

21 March 2012

Outfit Post - I'll Bring You Flowers

Dress - inlovewithfashion, Blazer - Forever 21, Scarf - Forever 21, 
Earrings - Topshop, Heels - ASOS.
The suns really staring to shine now...although its still pretty cold! It's not quite warm enough for this ensemble yet but almost... I've actually had this dress since last summer but its so pretty and the shapes so simple it will last a good few summers! Love always have such lovely dresses, originally I only used to but there stuff from Topshop until I found their website last year and now I have two skirts and three dresses, the skirts and two of the dresses are the same styles just in different colours! I'm also after one of their wrap dresses but will wait till proper summer to buy one!

Thanks For Reading,
Lauren x :)

18 March 2012

Studs & Sparkle

I bought this dress a while ago and I also own the black one....the only down side to these beautiful dress is the no bra situation, on a cold English night its pretty cold, well only until the drinks start flowing! I'd really love one in every colour, shape of the body and skirt are lovely and the back is very flattering...the skirt is pleated and a thin underskirt of netting keep its shape flicked out ever so slightly. The black version I have has a lace overlay on the body which is better for the no bra as its thicker and gives a bit more shape...I'd like the white one with lace too!! One more thing...they're a tad too short and I'm only 5'7", but I wear a jersey skirt underneath in case a wild wind a blows!!
Dress - Jones + Jones
I got these shoes for Xmas and I've only worn them once (that was before Xmas). They're a bit 'girly' for me, I love the studs but the style of shoe is a bit too dressy than my usual chunky heel, huge platform choices. I'm planning on maybe teaming with leather leggings or black skinnys to dress them down slightly!

Lauren :) x

P.S If your after something similar on a budget I spotted these on Missguided.....Marie Ann skater dress and Odeolla heels.

17 March 2012

Grey Day

Today I went to look at carpets, flooring and mattresses in Whitby, its been a pretty grey rainy day! A brighter side to my day was receiving my first Glossy Box, and it's the Harrods Edition, although I had to go all the way into town to get it from the post office and I was so excited since I thought it was my Marni stuff! Waited over a week now and it's still not here :( what happened H&M?? everyone else does next day delivery especially since I've spend over £250!!
Tonight me and my friends are going out drinking and dancing...and it's obviously St. Patrick's day, shame I don't own anything green to wear?
Anyway...here's what I wore on this beautiful Saturday in March.
Suede Jacket - Muu:Baa, Lace Vintage Blouse - eBay, Vintage Rope Belt - My Mum's, 
Dress (under blouse) H&M, Watch - D&G.
Half moon nails!

Lauren :) x

15 March 2012

Outfit Post - Bye Bye Birdy

Top - Primark, Trousers - River Island, Hat - New Look

The more I see this outfit the more I start to dislike it, I'm not sure what it is but somethings not right!? I really liked it on too! 
I love these trousers but I've hardly worn them! They're too long to wear with flats and I don't often wear high heels apart from if I'm going out! There not the type of trouser you can wear on many nights out since they're so obvious, everyone will know I'm outfit repeating! The top I've had a while and I got a lot of complements from strangers last time I wore it, everyone was so shocked it was from Primark! Love a good find in Primark, but I hate that our nearest one is about an hour away, I tend to miss out on a lot and see all the hidden gems on blogs! Oh and my 1st FREE item of clothing came today from America! It's lovely too, keep reading too see my post about it soon...

Lauren x :)

12 March 2012

Leeds Fest

I'm currently sat listening to Radio 1 with pure excitement waiting for the Leeds Fest line up....and then to sit and get me and my friends tickets....I've never had trouble before but I always get really worried. As long as its nothing like the bloody Marni launch then I'll be fine.
Can't wait to get some festival fashion on the go and get some inspiration outfits posted! I need to plan my days carefully as I usually over pack massively!!

Anyway, here's a post of my rings that a reader asked for...
Word rings - Pia, Stacking rings - Shiptons, Wishbone ring - wiredjewellery , Armour ring - Forever 21, Spoon ring & Turquoise ring - stalls in york.

I wear them all (apart from the turquoise and armour ones) everyday and I don't take them off for anything (apart from this photo).
The thin pia ones I got for Christmas a few years ago, although I chose them my self! And the thicker one with 'LIVE LOVE LAUGH' I got the same Christimas from my boyfriend all by himself! The spoon and turquoise one I bought in York from two different stalls when they have those cute fairs. The wishbone above knuckle ring (I've previously posted about before) is from Wired Jewellery and my stacking rings were a 21st birthday present from my friends! They're all silver apart from the armour one (obviously) my other rings are mainly fashion rings so they turn my fingers go green!

And i've just bought me tickets!!! So excited for the line up too!!!
See you all there!!

Lauren :) x

11 March 2012

Outfit Post - Sun Please

Today was soooo sunny, and hot! It's March and it feels like July! Unfortunately I was at work all day so had no time to actually enjoy the weather like everyone else!! I'm also not off until Thursday and by then I bet it's back to normal cold and rainy England!
Anyway...I got this dress on Wednesday when I exchanged all my stuff in TK Maxx, it's the same as my pink one but doesn't have the pleated skirt and its longer (as you can see for yourselves) I think this one might go back tomorrow, its a bit to long for me since it comes to my shins and that just makes me look odd! I do love the colour though, would be nice to alter it but that's waaayyy to much effort!
Dress - TK Maxx, Spike Bracelet - Forever 21. 

Going to rock and roll bingo tonight with my friends...the prize it usually concert tickets, fingers crossed!!

Lauren :) x

10 March 2012

Outfit Post - Simple Lace

Pretty simple outfit post today but I bought this top yesterday and I had to get a post with it...I love it. I've been looking for something like this for ages and I went to TK Maxx yesterday to return some stuff and ended up exchanging it all for other stuff...not good! I paired it with my Levis and aztec beaded bag, I saw something similar on Nasty Gal and had to try and recreate it!...I didn't accessories or even put shoes on but next time I wear it I'll post that too!!
Lace Top - TK Maxx, Shorts - Levis, Bag - River Island.
One of my dogs Spud getting involved!
Someone also commented that I should post about my rings...so here's a close up and I've got some photos up close to post later!!

Going for a takeaway tonight at my friends....I'm starving already can't wait!!

Lauren :) x

8 March 2012

Marni Ebay Store??

Who would have thought that eBay have more stock of the Marni Collection @ H&M than the H&M website itself!
I was ready and waiting at 8:30am with my tabs open on my items ready to refresh...how stupid was I to think it would be this easy! It's easier to get tickets to sold out gigs that to get one necklace I was after!!
After an hour and a half of constant refreshing of my 5 tabs and 2 more in Firefox I tried my iPad.... success! I got on straight away...queue my arse!!
I managed to add my items (even though I had to sacrifice colour) only to find my items are now 'out of stock' even though they're in my basket....great! However...the one necklace I want is still in stock in a few other countries, there is hope... but I cant actually order from these websites and I don't know anyone overseas I can get to order me one and post it!! Nice one. I am well and truly PISSED OFF.

If I want this £24.99 necklace the only was is to pay some one on eBay 3 times as much because H&M kindly gave them access to the site quicker than me! This well and truly takes the piss, my nearest H&M is an hour away so online is my only option...how is it fair to have a 'queue' that clearly doesn't work! Or maybe look at popularity in each country and give us more necklaces!!!!
OK rant over....I'm sure I'll get over it I just really wanted the necklace!! :(

6 March 2012

Outfit Post - Come On Spring!

Recently it's been so sunny but still so cold :( its lighter on nights too so I'm getting all confused! Its supposed to be warm if its sunny!! I can't wait for spring and summer!!!
Here's my spring inspired outfit....can't wait to start wearing this skirt more I love it! Its from Missguided, an online store which is becoming one of my firm favourites! I discovered it a while back when I needed a formal ball gown but didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount. They had the prefect thing, £40 for a floor length red chiffon dress with embellishment, bargin, and looked lovely! They're reasonably priced and always keeping up with the latest trends...the only bad thing, the good stuff sells out because its so good! There so much range and colour choice, they do this skirt it in a few different colours, and in a dress too....
Skirt - Missguided, Shirt - Forever 21, Brogues - Topshop. 
Chickens - Jades

Outfit Post - Orange Attack

I went to Leeds on Saturday with the boyfriend and bought our new bedroom furniture from Benson's For Beds...£925 for the bed, chest of draws and bed side table...haggled down from £1300!! Wish I could have spent that on clothes since I haven't shopped in soooo long now I own a house! :(
We actually went between Oak Furniture Land and Benson's For Beds 4 times before settling on the one we wanted...who would have though buying a bed was so hard!
And here's what I wore....
Leggings - H&M, Jacket - MUU:BAA, Bag - River Island, Jumper - ASOS. 

I've given up shopping for lent but I've planned to break that for the MARNI @ H&M launch on thursday...oh well!! And I'd break it now for the striped jeans that Amy is wearing but there not online and my nearest H&M is an hour away!! :( boo!

Lauren x :)

4 March 2012

Outfit Post - Pink Pleats

Dress - TK Maxx, Boots - Kurt Geiger, Hat - New Look, Watch - ASOS.

MAC V Estée Lauder

Yesterday was a day I'd been very much looking forward too....the day my new foundation arrived! Sad I know but me and my friend Katie have made the switch from estee lauder double wear to MAC pro longwear! she works for Estée Lauder so we've always just stuck to double wear, but since MAC have such a following and I use MAC blusher, powder and my prefered lipsticks are MAC it was abOut time we tried their foundation. The one bad thing is....no MAC counter for 65 miles, which meant only one thing, ordering online! Although we're both different shades in DW (I'm ecru) we were both NW20 in PLW.
I was a bit worried after reading reviews that we'd picked wrong, we actually matched up on studio fix a while ago and PLW is meant to run darker, it didn't. Anyway...WE ARE IMPRESSED.
It's a good colour match, nice texture, nice smell, like the bottle, love the coversge and finish, and after a night out partying (and sleeping in my make up, oops) it still looked pretty good. I love both foundations but MAC just had a better finish, a bit more natural but a good flawless finish and great coverage.
Pump or Pour?
DW is a screw lid so you have to pour it onto your hand....can be good if you pour out too much as you can scoop it back in...happens to me a lot, but bad for mess. The lid and neck of the bottle get covered in foundation! 

PLW has a pump, it's twist and pump so it's locked in your make up bag so there's no mess or spills, and you only get what you need. Unless you get carried and them you can't exactly pump it back in...so there may be wastage. Also good for hygiene, no nastys getting in.

The colour match for both is great for me...and so is the coverage and texture. I haven't given PLW a good trial since I only got it yesterday so we'll have to see if it stands the test of time like double wear has. Overall I'd definatly recommend both foundations....get matched up and get some samples and see for yourself!!!

Lauren :) x

1 March 2012

Outfit Post - Baroque Shirt

Shirt - Matalan, Skirt - River Island, Necklace - Primark, Boots - Topshop

Believe it or not this shirt is from Matalan and it's a size 12! I only bought a 12 because of the pattern on the fabric every shirt is different cuts and this was my favourite! My friend David would be very proud - he worked in a Matalan store a good few years and now works in head office travelling the world doing the shoots and stuff!
I've had my skirt a few years - actually bought this in Newcastle whilst visiting David at uni, it's pretty versatile, since its black! I wore this outfit (+ black tights) to my friends birthday meal at a Mexican Restaurant, the night then ended in some GEORDIE SHORE ACTION at my friends house (minus my usual cup of tea which I substituted for water and a slice of lemon) Love it.

Lauren :) x