22 March 2012

English Seaside

Today me and my friends went for a walk in the beautiful spring sun... luckily for us we live by the beach!! Most of our days in summer are spent deciding what to do and eventually going for a walk down the beach, and since we have two, we can take our pick!
South Side
This is the south side, we then went for lunch on the north side in a bar called Blue Crush (I also had lunch there yesterday - regular!). If it was a few degrees warmer and you took out the typically English open top buses we could have been abroad. The bar has a curved glass front overlooking the castle and bay and in summer, or on warmer days like today, they open the ground floor so it's like being outside! They do have an outside but there was a slight chill in the wind so not quite ready for that yet - although some people braved it! 

We also had a quick trip to one of our favourite charity shops! I went to look for crochet doilies to make an amazing lampshade I saw whilst playing on StumbleUpon! Needles to say they didn't have any, but I did get three things for £3! Two shirts and a lemon yellow jumper! I'm sure you'll spot them in a post soon! They'r currently in the wash getting rid of that 'charity shop smell'.
Anyway....here's my outfit for the day,
Cool British Mini!
Jeans - Topshop, Crop & Blazer - Forever 21, Bag - Mulberry Roxanne, Hat - New Look
Lauren x :)

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  1. ahhh where you live looks so nice! i hate where i live!
    lovely outfit!