27 March 2012

Flowers DIY

Today I went to my friends and sat in the sun allllll day, and my arms even got a tad burnt! We did a few hair braids and had a smashing BBQ! On the way home I had an impromptu stop at Boyes to buy flowers to make a headband, I wanted huge ones really, but they only had these small ones. I though for my 1st go I'd settle for those and next time I'll search further a field for larger ones, like roses or something.

Anyways here's how it's done....
What I used...
Cut the flowers so they can be separated into singles
Wrap the wire around the headband
Keep going and start to twist the extra wire to each other
Cut off the excess wire - be careful not to leave it sharp as it pokes your head!
Nearly there....
Neaten up all the ends!

Lauren :) x


  1. i LOVE this idea, and it looks amazing!

  2. wow great idea! i was thinking of buying one but i'll defiantly do this instead!!

  3. This idea is aaamazing! I'm deffo trying this out :D

    I'm hosting a Giveaway on my Blog, if you are interested! :) xx