17 March 2012

Grey Day

Today I went to look at carpets, flooring and mattresses in Whitby, its been a pretty grey rainy day! A brighter side to my day was receiving my first Glossy Box, and it's the Harrods Edition, although I had to go all the way into town to get it from the post office and I was so excited since I thought it was my Marni stuff! Waited over a week now and it's still not here :( what happened H&M?? everyone else does next day delivery especially since I've spend over £250!!
Tonight me and my friends are going out drinking and dancing...and it's obviously St. Patrick's day, shame I don't own anything green to wear?
Anyway...here's what I wore on this beautiful Saturday in March.
Suede Jacket - Muu:Baa, Lace Vintage Blouse - eBay, Vintage Rope Belt - My Mum's, 
Dress (under blouse) H&M, Watch - D&G.
Half moon nails!

Lauren :) x

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