4 March 2012

MAC V Estée Lauder

Yesterday was a day I'd been very much looking forward too....the day my new foundation arrived! Sad I know but me and my friend Katie have made the switch from estee lauder double wear to MAC pro longwear! she works for Estée Lauder so we've always just stuck to double wear, but since MAC have such a following and I use MAC blusher, powder and my prefered lipsticks are MAC it was abOut time we tried their foundation. The one bad thing is....no MAC counter for 65 miles, which meant only one thing, ordering online! Although we're both different shades in DW (I'm ecru) we were both NW20 in PLW.
I was a bit worried after reading reviews that we'd picked wrong, we actually matched up on studio fix a while ago and PLW is meant to run darker, it didn't. Anyway...WE ARE IMPRESSED.
It's a good colour match, nice texture, nice smell, like the bottle, love the coversge and finish, and after a night out partying (and sleeping in my make up, oops) it still looked pretty good. I love both foundations but MAC just had a better finish, a bit more natural but a good flawless finish and great coverage.
Pump or Pour?
DW is a screw lid so you have to pour it onto your hand....can be good if you pour out too much as you can scoop it back in...happens to me a lot, but bad for mess. The lid and neck of the bottle get covered in foundation! 

PLW has a pump, it's twist and pump so it's locked in your make up bag so there's no mess or spills, and you only get what you need. Unless you get carried and them you can't exactly pump it back in...so there may be wastage. Also good for hygiene, no nastys getting in.

The colour match for both is great for me...and so is the coverage and texture. I haven't given PLW a good trial since I only got it yesterday so we'll have to see if it stands the test of time like double wear has. Overall I'd definatly recommend both foundations....get matched up and get some samples and see for yourself!!!

Lauren :) x


  1. i wear the estee laudre double wear maximum coverage one, and i love it, but it just dosnt last as much as id like it to! and now after your review i will definatly try Mac. how much is it per bottle?xxxx

    1. about £22 so its cheaper!! Its a lot heavier but you get used to it, I thought double wear was thick at 1st! Its also soooo much better with a stippling brush, doesn't go on well with your hands like double wear does! I still use both depending on my time scales! And my friend works for Estee Lauder counter and they all wear MAC :)