8 March 2012

Marni Ebay Store??

Who would have thought that eBay have more stock of the Marni Collection @ H&M than the H&M website itself!
I was ready and waiting at 8:30am with my tabs open on my items ready to refresh...how stupid was I to think it would be this easy! It's easier to get tickets to sold out gigs that to get one necklace I was after!!
After an hour and a half of constant refreshing of my 5 tabs and 2 more in Firefox I tried my iPad.... success! I got on straight away...queue my arse!!
I managed to add my items (even though I had to sacrifice colour) only to find my items are now 'out of stock' even though they're in my basket....great! However...the one necklace I want is still in stock in a few other countries, there is hope... but I cant actually order from these websites and I don't know anyone overseas I can get to order me one and post it!! Nice one. I am well and truly PISSED OFF.

If I want this £24.99 necklace the only was is to pay some one on eBay 3 times as much because H&M kindly gave them access to the site quicker than me! This well and truly takes the piss, my nearest H&M is an hour away so online is my only option...how is it fair to have a 'queue' that clearly doesn't work! Or maybe look at popularity in each country and give us more necklaces!!!!
OK rant over....I'm sure I'll get over it I just really wanted the necklace!! :(

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  1. Great post, I know how you feel I desperately tried to get a pair of the silk trousers and the shoes! but no luck :(