15 March 2012

Outfit Post - Bye Bye Birdy

Top - Primark, Trousers - River Island, Hat - New Look

The more I see this outfit the more I start to dislike it, I'm not sure what it is but somethings not right!? I really liked it on too! 
I love these trousers but I've hardly worn them! They're too long to wear with flats and I don't often wear high heels apart from if I'm going out! There not the type of trouser you can wear on many nights out since they're so obvious, everyone will know I'm outfit repeating! The top I've had a while and I got a lot of complements from strangers last time I wore it, everyone was so shocked it was from Primark! Love a good find in Primark, but I hate that our nearest one is about an hour away, I tend to miss out on a lot and see all the hidden gems on blogs! Oh and my 1st FREE item of clothing came today from America! It's lovely too, keep reading too see my post about it soon...

Lauren x :)

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  1. I really can't find anything wrong with it actually, it's pretty ^_^