21 March 2012

Outfit Post - I'll Bring You Flowers

Dress - inlovewithfashion, Blazer - Forever 21, Scarf - Forever 21, 
Earrings - Topshop, Heels - ASOS.
The suns really staring to shine now...although its still pretty cold! It's not quite warm enough for this ensemble yet but almost... I've actually had this dress since last summer but its so pretty and the shapes so simple it will last a good few summers! Love always have such lovely dresses, originally I only used to but there stuff from Topshop until I found their website last year and now I have two skirts and three dresses, the skirts and two of the dresses are the same styles just in different colours! I'm also after one of their wrap dresses but will wait till proper summer to buy one!

Thanks For Reading,
Lauren x :)


  1. Love this outfit, I'm super jealous of your wardrobe! :)


  2. This outfits so cute for spring :) It has given me so many ideas thanks :)