11 March 2012

Outfit Post - Sun Please

Today was soooo sunny, and hot! It's March and it feels like July! Unfortunately I was at work all day so had no time to actually enjoy the weather like everyone else!! I'm also not off until Thursday and by then I bet it's back to normal cold and rainy England!
Anyway...I got this dress on Wednesday when I exchanged all my stuff in TK Maxx, it's the same as my pink one but doesn't have the pleated skirt and its longer (as you can see for yourselves) I think this one might go back tomorrow, its a bit to long for me since it comes to my shins and that just makes me look odd! I do love the colour though, would be nice to alter it but that's waaayyy to much effort!
Dress - TK Maxx, Spike Bracelet - Forever 21. 

Going to rock and roll bingo tonight with my friends...the prize it usually concert tickets, fingers crossed!!

Lauren :) x


  1. I really love this dress, looks lovely on you too! I never find good things like this when I go to TK Maxx Followed your blog, would you follow back too :)



  2. This dress is beautiful! I really have no idea on how to get followers! for a couple of months I was just writing to around 20-30 followers then suddenly it just took off this year! x

    1. awww thanks!! well done to you anyway...maybe I'll manage it one day!! :D