26 April 2012

Never Let Me Go

Vintage Top - Tynemouth Market, Skirt - eBay.
Ear Cuff - Miss Selfridge
I got this top just before Xmas on a trip to Newcastle to see Rihanna, it's from Tynemouth Market. An amazing market in a Metro station in Tynemouth (obvs) it was £20 bargin! It's full of little stalls from cup cakes to fur coats, my friend actually got a lovely black fur (rabbit) coat for £50 too, and Jade got some Dr Martins there once for £5! woo!
Went to Manchester today to take my friend to get his pot of (drunked incident noone can actually remember) we had about an hour in Manchester before having to go to Wigan so didn't get much shopping done! I'm going to York on Thursday though so I have another change to shop shop shop shop!

Lauren :) x


  1. i love the ear cuff! and i love your anti helix piercing too, did it hurt allot? i already have my helix done and im thinking of getting that aswell :) x


    1. hurts the same really, I'm a wimp with piercings so I'm sure you'll be fine! My tragus hurt the most, I nearly fainted! lol