1 April 2012

Orange You Glad

Jumpsuit - Sugarlips (http://www.sugarlipsapparel.com/orange-you-jumpsuit.html)
I got jumpsuit sent from Sugarlips Apparel a company based in LA, I got to choose something from their website and this is what I chose!! It's so pretty and the fabric is lovely, the fit and the way it falls is perfect. The frill down the front makes it pretty and girls but it's also backless showing a bit of flesh! I've never actually had a jumpsuit before and only own one playsuit so I was a bit dubious to try it but once it arrived I was convinced.
I had a job choosing something I wanted, not because there wasn't anything but because there was waaaayyy too much stuff I wanted!! I defiantly recommend a stop by! And not only because this was free, I genuinely love all their clothes, and you can guarantee not every girl out shopping will be dress head to toe in the same things ahem (Topshop).
It didn't take long to arrive either and there were not extra customer charger so don't worry about international shipping!
Baby face!
I was going to post a few items I'm lusting after on their site too but I'm struggling to just choose a few, again!
Wander Away With Me Poncho (http://www.sugarlipsapparel.com/new-arrivals/wander-away-with-me-top.html)
This Wander Away With Me crochet poncho would be PERFECT for Leeds fest this summer!! It's something I've been looking for for a long time!!
Market Festival Dress (http://www.sugarlipsapparel.com/dresses/market-festival-dress.html)
Another festival themed dress, love the lazer cut hem and sleeves! Another one that would look fabulous at Leeds Fest!!

It's either the hot week we've just had in England or the fact alllll my friends have just booked a summer holiday (not me) and I can't go because I'm too grown up and have to pay my mortgage and finish renovating my house :( I am GUTTED I need some Turkish sun, and the shopping! boo. Maybe next year!!
Anyway, check out SUGARLIPS APPAREL! A must!

Lauren :) x

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