11 April 2012

Too Little Time

So I've been pretty absent from my blog and lookbook recently, well for 11 days actually, which doesn't sound long but it feels like aaaages. I've been busy with my house and going out over Easter but once I move in I'll be right back on to blogging!
I ordered a few things from Marni @ H&M (not stuff I actually wanted, but just bought out of principle after waiting 2 hours) I actually didn't like ANY of it, I got the skirt, long sleeved dress, trousers and blouse...all pretty shit! The trousers were the only think I remotely liked! The rest just fit me weird and I wasn't a fan of the quality! Needless to say they all went back! Including the free canvas bag, all I kept were some £5.99 black skinny trousers (LOVE!) I then fell over on a night out and got a hole in the knee (SHIT) I actually didn't notice this hole till I wore them on another night out!
Anyway....here are the trousers...
Trousers - Marni & H&M, Heels - ASOS, Top - H&M, Hat - New Look.
I'll try not to leave it too long next time!

Lauren x :)


  1. Hey! I just find your blog via Lookbook :)
    This look is so cool! I really like the pant with these Asos heels <3

    Put your heels up