6 May 2012

Birthday Cake

MY BIRTHDAY....22 and I feel so old :(
Jacket - Muu:Baa, Jumper - Vera Moda, Shirt - H&M, Bag - Mulberry Roxanna, Necklace - Miss Selfridge, Vans.
So for my birthday I went shopping...something I haven't done in a while since I've spent all my money renovating my new house! I got a few things but my main buy was a pair of shoesss, well two pairs since I couldn't decide and one have to go back....it took in three days to finally make a decision and I'm still not sure....I've worn a pair now though so I screwed!!

Lauren :) x

2 May 2012

I have a problem...

So I have a serious shoe problem...I wish I was one of those people who has 2 pairs of shoes they live in, till they die and then buy more. And I wish I could cope with one pair of heels for every night out but I just can't do it! I want all the shoes I like, in every colour, even though I hardly have time to wear them since I'm always at work!
Diamant√© Spike Slipper - spotted these in Manchester, available on eBay and soyoushoes.com
Spike slipper - been lusting after for months, added them to my Romwe basket many times but I've never been able to actually afford them, I can't handle paying £40 for none leather shoes...no matter how much I love them! Also on eBay for about £35 but still... 
Isabel Marant style wedge trainers (eBay) another £40 rip of for badly made fakes from China but I LOVE them, just need to decide what colour I like best and get a bit of money in my account....I love the red but I'd wear the beige or black way more!? Do I need them...no, I have 5 pairs of trainers and wear only my Vans at the mo, Do I love them...yes! Will I happy once I own a pair even if I never wear them....yes :)

Still eBay but ASH do some nice pairs too for about £140, I spotted a nice pair in River Island too....Might have a try on in York on Thursday!

Lita Spike (obvs) any colour will do I just need some!

Lita again - any colour, suede, leather, glitter, sequin....all of them!! I tried a pair on in New York and I think I'll regret not buying them forever! boo.
Vans CA 46 - VERY HARD TO GET HOLD OF! I bought mine cream Vans wanting these but knowing I'd never find them after trawling the internet forever! They're prefect! This image is from Patiness Blog, lucky girl to find these on eBay!!

Unfortunately I'm not made of money, and work far too much to actually get a change to wear all the shoes I'd like too! My boyfriend would also kill me! He things my vast shoe collection is large enough...(its defiantly not). Some people collect stamps, coins, cards....I collect SHOESSS!!

Lauren x :)