12 June 2012

Pretty Floral Antlers

It's nearly time to move into my new house (1st house) and I've been meaning to make these antlers for months! I spotted a few on Google similar and my friend sent me a link to a blog that had made a smaller pair out of plastic antlers.
Final Product!!
After constantly watching various antlers on eBay (and always being outbid) I finally bagged a beautiful, but very dirty, pair of deer antlers! And for £16 an absolute bargain since the rest seem to go for over £50! They arrived in a huuuuuge box full of paper, it took me a while to dig through to actually find the antlers, possibly because I started at the wrong end! They were the perfect size, they just needed a good clean...I got an old tooth brush and got straight on it.
The original eBay photo...forgot to take my own before I started,
I was too excited!!

Step 1
Use a toothbrush (an old one) to remove the thick layers of yellow lichen (that stuff that grows on trees and sheds).

Step 2
Cover the antlers in Sulphuric acid....using more old toothbrushes! This bit turned them a dark brown colour and the lichen went red! Did the trick though.
Sulphuric acid close up....left for about 10 minutes,
should have maybe been longer but I'm VERY impatient!

Step 3
PRESSURE WASH! The fun part... It was like magic watching them go from brown to white.

Step 4
Bleach...twice. Dads idea...I did them once in the pouring rain and he redid them later that night (when I wasn't in) which worked a lot better!

This was after the 1st bleach, they're almost white after the second!
The final result was a lot better than I imagined, they came out almost white...I was planning on painting them cream since they were stained greenish brown from the lichen, but bleaching sorted them right out!

Now the fun part....Decorating!
My choice of flowers.
I originally wanted about 3 flowers but I ended up buying a few more than I needed so I could try different combinations, In the end they look pretty good with all of them! The flowers are all from Dunelm, I stuck to a cream and pink theme (I lied I actually decided not to use one of the flowers - purple). I could have gone crazy with the flowers in there, once you get going you want them all....excited to go back and chose some to actually put in a vase!!

Now I have to work out how to hang in on my wall!?
And this is the colour of my wall...
Try it for yourself....

Thanks for reading!
Lauren :) x