20 August 2012

How to make your own skull tights

1st step, grab some old tights, or new ones, whatever! Put them on.....
Then just get cutting, I started with the eyes...just pinch your tights and cut off the top of your pinch, and you've got an eye!
Then go for the nose, for the nose and mouth I didn't pinch, I just cut a slit straight into the tights.
Then just carry one in a skull shape, I didn't plan mine I just went for it but if you were really clever you could print out a stencil and stick it to your leg! I may do this with another pattern now I've thought of it!!

Make sure you paint round each hole with clear nail varnish to stop it laddering further! Your legs gets covered but its fineeee and you end up with a lovely peely clear skull on your leg when you take them off!
For the really small holes you have to get the nail varnish on quick before it has change to get bigger.
That's it! I did a large one 1st and decided I could do better so did a smaller one on the front of the opposite leg, so I have one on the front and one on the back!
I'm not too good at writing instructions but I hope you can follow this! They're pretty easy!
Just need to think of other patterns & shapes to do not! if anyone thinks of any let me know, I wonder if crosses would work??

Lauren :) x


  1. Great tutorial! May have to give it a go :D x