19 August 2012

My Weekend in Food!

Maybe a should change my blog to a food blog since I can't seen to have a meal without taking a photo of it! This weekend was no different!
So my weekend started with a trip in to town.....
Top - Forever 21, Jeans - Topshop
My first ever Twinkie! When I was in New York last summer this was on my list of things to try! But I couldn't seem to find any. After trying Twizzlers and hating them and I'm not keen on american chocolate either I was pretty sure I'd hate these, but I didn't! I found them in this american sweet shop in town, they sell all the classics, Fruit Loops, Pop Tarts, Nerds, Lucky Charms etc. They're a bit sticky like they have a treacle coating and the inside is like a marshmallow fluff and cream cross. Anyway I'd recommend them!

We then popped to a bar for a quick drink since it was really hot and sunny and I spotted Hooch. I was only talking about it the other day and it seems to have made a come back! I know it's like the oldest alchopop ever but it was like Fanta lemon and was very refreshing!! If you don't remember Hooch your either too young or you missed out 1st time round!!

On Saturday night I went out for tea with my boyfriends family to a local pub. The food is always amazing. Although I always have the same thing!! Yum!
And finally, my bacon sarni this morning!! I had one Saturday morning too but sometimes I'm just too hungry to take a photo!

Hope I've made everyone hungry! :)

I go to Leeds fest on Wednesday and I cannot wait!! Might take a few outfit photos while I'm there....If I'm not too drunk or cold!

Lauren x :)

P.S. I've created a blog Twitter and Instagram too!! So make sure you follow! :)

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