13 September 2012

Autumn Shopping Trip #1

So here's what I bought in Leeds....
My aim of the day was baggy jumpers and a nice pair of jeans...I did get the jeans I just don't know where I've put them.
I was pretty pleased with my purchases, I did have about double this in my basket but as I always do, I reviewed my basket and removed the items I didn't want/wouldn't wear and was only buying because they were cheap. Standard Primark.
The bag was my best buy, or maybe the jumpers? The bag is limited edition and it was the last one! £8 is pretty good too for a nice clutch - something I don't actually have (in black anyway).
The jumpers I bought in a size 10 and 14, I wanted super baggy loose ones.
My jeans are Jamie jeans from Topshop - I forgot how nice they were! All my jeans are patterned or bleached so there's no stretch or movement. And my favourite skinny jeans ripped across the bum :(
I tried on 3 pairs of jeans, Leigh, Jamie and ermm...some others. The other two were more like jeggings, Jamie's were soooo much thicker and nicer and for £40 pretty decent, since the other were £38!!
The dress is for work - really thick and nice fit too, even the free belt is nice! £10 bargain!
I also bought some amazing tights which are like, lined in fluffy stuff! They're amazing. Bough a couple of bits for my house too! A cushion, a boat thing and a heart!

Now I've got another £200 to spend and tell you about!...

Lauren x :)


  1. wow, i love that necklace and your jumpers! fab buys :) x


  2. Love the pink jumper, wish they had those jumpers in my primark!!!

    Robyn Mayday