6 September 2012

DIY Moschino Belt

Top & Necklace - Nasty Gal, Spike Slippers - eBay, Moschino belt - DIY, Dress (worn as skirt) - Topshop.

I wore this when me and my boyfriend went for a spontaneous meal. I'd just got the top and necklace from my sister who's been in San Diego for about a month. I ordered a couple of things from nastygal.com for her to bring back so I would have to pay loads at customs! 
I also ordered the eagle shadow bikini by One Teaspoon....$110 for a bikini is a lot but I just HAD to! And I'm planning on wearing the top under see through shirts and drop arm tops!

My shoes are from eBay - I get sooooo many people commenting on them, they are super spikey and if you catch your ankle by accident, you know about it! Trust me! I might buy the silver glitter ones too! Get them here.

My belt I actually made - kind of.
I bought a belt on eBay last year, it had Moschino written on each side but also had some awful gold tacky hearts all the way round. Needless to say I got my dad to cut the hearts of almost before I got it out the envelope! (You might have seen the belt on my other posts...)
Anyway....my belt broke, just as I got back from Leeds fest (not there thank god) one of the screws fell off which freed the letters and they all slid of. I fixed it once, then had a bright idea! Since there was 2 lots of Moschino I could have 2 Moschino belts!! And that's that. Buy a black belt and slide them on! Woo. It took me a while trying to fit the M on to different belts in different shops but found this patent leather on in TK Maxx for £7.99!

I've got a few new items I'll be posting soon...

Also - how depressing is it that it's starting to get dark at 7:30pm!! Gutted, bye summer! :(

Lauren :) x

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  1. Thats a lovely outfit for a meal! I love your shoes! AND THAT MUCH for a bikini, eeeek!