26 October 2012

Winter Warmers...

I love winter...but as I'm currently working 8:30am - 6pm everyday I never see much daylight. And on weekends I'm too tired/skint to actually do anything interesting, hence the reason I haven't posted for a while. Either there's no decent light or I'm wearing PJs!

Today I wore....
Jumper - Primark, Shirt - GAP, Necklace - Topshop
That's all your getting since its awful lighting, I've been up since 7:30am and I have a spot the size of Mt Everest on my chin.

Anyway, I might as well post what I've been buying recently, any maybe I'll wear it one day soon. Winter warmers....I think not, I originally bought these to send one back (I nearly bought 4) but I like them both...any being £300 over drawn isn't that bad, is it? I have payed the mortgage this month!

Missguided posted these aztec dresses and skirts a while ago on their Instagram and I fell in love....maybe because they're a little All Saints but also because they're amazing. From that day on I had missguided.co.uk open on my phone and I would check everyday to see if they were on yet. I knew they'd be a sell out so I had to be quick! And too my luck, I got them! Took me a while to decide but I settled for these two.
They're my party season dresses, I ordered a nice floaty black top too...which incidentally was on another Instagram photo of theirs with the skirt and some Lita style boots. Happened to have the outfit totally by accident!

Hope everyone is excited for Halloween! We're dressing on on Friday at work, will be very interesting, an office full of zombies, witches and ghosts! I'm also going to a party next Saturday as a ventriloquist doll....freaky!!
I might even post my pumpkin carving and scary outfit....

Lauren :) x

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