11 November 2012


Today I went pine cone hunting in our local park so I can make some Christmas decorations! Safe to say wearing cream suede wedge trainers was not a good idea, oh well! We also got followed by two squirrels, they must have though we had food for them, needless to say I ran away. I think anyone would if you'd had one run up your leg before. They're so tame they just come right up to you!
Anyway....my clothing
I got my sequin jacket from Missguided on Saturday morning, been waiting to buy this bad boy for weeks since the lovely Millie Macintosh was wearing it!! I LOOOVEEE it, a little girl even told her mum I was sparkly! Get in. They've still got some in stock - http://www.missguided.co.uk/seqtea-dark-khaki-sequin-sleeve-jacket

My jeans are H&M wax coated ones, a winter staple. Wedge trainers are Matalan and scarf is Primark.
All you need in winter is a good pair of jeans and a nice coat...underneath I have the oldest (but warmest) cardi with random buttons missing...who'd know though!?

Just got to wait for pine cones to dry now so I can get creative!!

Lauren :) x
P.S. This is my stalker....he was also a poser.

10 November 2012

Back Track

I ordered this dress last weekend when I was ordering Jamie (the bf) his new wardrobe. I love it but it's slightly too big on the waist and for £50 I'd rather buy a perfect dress that fits! Click here to get yourself one!
My Lana's had their first outing last weekend since I haven't been out for a while, and it was Halloween so they didn't get a proper night out.

Today me and my friend Katie went to a local garden centre to scout out Christmas decorations! We go a little too excited about baubles and lights but I did decide that tomorrow I'm going pine cone hunting and making my own decorations....wish me luck.

Lauren :) x