3 February 2013

Things we lost in the fire

Dress - H&M, Moschino belt - eBay, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Necklance - Republic

Now we're finally getting some light during the day I can actually take some photos! The weather has been so awful, I hate Jan and Feb, dark and dull and no clothing to buy. Mainly because I have no money but also I'm more than ready to buy summer clothes now! I have, however, booked a holiday this summer so I can start getting excited!

Anyway, the outfit. I wore this to my friends leaving do at work...

My boots were a bargain!! Jeffrey Campbells in TK Maxx, who'd have thought? And for £29.99 I couldn't resist (although my bank account nearly did 4 days before payday). They're super comfy too.

PMy belt was also a huge bargain, I have 'Moschino belt' as a saved listing on my iPhone so I get notified when a new one is added, this majorly paid off. This baby cost me £5.99 + postage so I was more than chuffed. Obvs it's not authentic but I can't quite afford £100 at the mo!

I bought my necklace around xmas time, I had been looking for a simple gold chain forever but all the ones I found where hollow or just crap and light but this one in republic was perfect! And at £9 compared to about £20 in Topshop I was impressed!

Lauren :)

P.S. Quite a few of my posts/outfits are named after songs so I will start putting the artist too. This one is Things we lost in the fire - Bastille (I've got ticket to see them in March - so excited).

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